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Carry the Ark Without Touching It

The Ark of the Covenant was the literal place of God’s Presence, throughout the history of Israel. The New Testament Apostles continued to see the prophetic symbolism of the Ark, as we see the prophecy of Amos (9:11) quoted by James in Acts 15:15-18.

“In that day I will raise up the fallen booth of David,

And wall up its breaches;

I will also raise up its ruins

And rebuild it as in the days of old;

Amos 9:11 NASB

David’s Tabernacle was a special time in Israel’s history, when God’s Presence (the Ark) was not hidden in The Most Holy Place of Moses’ Tabernacle. It was a special time when everyone could approach God’s Presence. It was a time of 24/7 worship as the designated singers and musicians were placed around the Ark. (I Chronicles 15)

How God’s Instruction to Moses - Was a Message for Us

Moses gave us God’s instructions on how to move the Ark, as a principle for our generation. The Ark was to be carried on the shoulders of the Levites. It was not supposed to be touched. Exodus 25:15 describes the poles, placed in the rings on the side of the Ark.

The story of Uzza touching the Ark and dropping dead is a tragic story of King David not doing things God’s way. After the "Ark on the cart" transporting tragedy, David gave a command to move the Ark God’s way. The Levites consecrated themselves and then carried the Ark on their shoulders.

The sons of the Levites carried the ark of God

on their shoulders with the poles thereon,

as Moses had commanded

according to the word of the Lord.

I Chronicles 15:15 NASB

Carry the Ark on Your Shoulders – Don’t Touch It

As God does miraculous things among us, it is important to remember this simple principle of walking with God. God does the miracles. God transforms communities – one heart at a time. God’s presence is the answer to all who are hungry for more than dead religion.

But we only carry God’s presence on our shoulders. We participate. And it is important that we participate. We pray and have faith and as we walk into troubled circumstances, we bring God’s power and presence.

As those who bring God’s presence, we DO NOT take credit for God’s work and miracles.

As those who bring God’s power to another person, we DO NOT take credit for the miraculous happenings when they believe.

God is wanting to transform whole communities with His power. When this happens, will we see leaders and individual groups take credit for the miracles? Will there be groups that proclaim their leaders as the anointed ones? Will we continue with the 20th Century Old Order that caused divisions among groups, as each group wanted the CREDIT for what God was doing?

It is our responsibility that in this next move of the Spirit of God, we only carry the Ark and do not touch it. It is our responsibility that we give ALL the glory to God and God gets ALL the credit.

Even as God moves to heal, restore, rescue and transform the many, God’s hand may be heavy in discipline on the groups and leaders who try to share the credit with Him.


We should not be waiting for God to do something – next year or next month. We should not be waiting for some special anointed leader to come and “start” the next move of the Spirit.

We should all see and practice the reality of the New Testament Church as David’s Tabernacle. God’s presence and power is accessible, NOW, to all who would call on His Name. We need to participate but give all the Glory to God. Our reward will be in the age to come. Now we humbly consecrate ourselves as the Levites did. Now we humbly carry God’s presence into this world.

We should all pray for a quick work of transformation for our leaders and the portion of the church who will in ignorance touch the Ark. God is speaking two things in this time of preparation. And it may be confusing to the Body of Christ, if the emphasis is misapplied.

1. Come to Me all who need healing, encouragement, rescuing. I am the answer you are seeking. I will turn no one away.

2. You who participate with Me do not take the credit. Do not put your name on this. All who participate should keep your heads low.

God, I pray that your children will have wisdom and understand what you are saying to the church. I pray specifically for all those who minister, as they carry your power and presence.

Let Your power come.

Let Your presence reign.



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