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God’s Unseen Angels

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

In our small church in Southern California, we were privileged to have a very talented drummer. Our drummer’s day job was as an LA County Sheriff. One Sunday he came and told us this story.

He and the other officers had chased a suspect several times and each time the man would escape. Hopping fences and getting out of the area quickly, this suspected criminal could allude police, just like an episode of COPS.

But that week our drummer had seen the suspect and stopped him. This time the man did not run or try to evade him. After putting handcuffs on him, our drummer asked him, “Why didn’t you run this time?”

The young man said, “Because of that other big guy with you. I felt there was no way that I could get away.” Our drummer had been alone that day. There was no one with him to help arrest the suspect. As he approached the man, he thought, “Here we go again. This guy is going to run.” But the suspect continued to insist that there had been more than one police officer. The other officer was a really, really, big guy.

Years later, I was attending a Political Conference. Donald Trump had just been elected President and the crowd was split 50 -50. Half were radically against trump and half were Republicans.

As I sat in a room of 1500 people, the atmosphere became dark. The right side of the room, almost exclusively Democrats began to shout. They were becoming angrier by the minute and we could no longer hear the speakers.

As a radical leftist jumped from her seat on the platform and lunged at a short conservative pod-caster, the leftist became even more enraged. I began to look around the room for security. The conservatives on my side of the room were now yelling too. I got up to find security.

My wife watching, saw a very large angel appear on the platform and a man appear in the air above the crowd. Immediately the crowd quieted down. The radical who had moments before been yelling at the conservative, full of hate and pointing her finger in the young frail girl’s face sat down.

In one moment of time, the room went from a potential riot to a calm group of attendees.

Unfortunately, a week later we watched a news story from Charlottesville. As Nazis and Antifa fought the same dark, angry and hateful atmosphere took over the crowd. This time the crowd went crazy and several people were injured. One girl died.

In the not so distant future, Christians will be needed to stop the insanity of the world. As Christians we must bring God’s presence into the secular world, outside our church meetings. Not with “Sunday morning sound-bites,” but with a quiet prayer, we are those who can bring order out of chaos.

God still loves the world. His heart is broken when the world descends into chaos and darkness. He has sent us into the world - full of people He loves to stop the insanity.

As Elisha said, “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them,” in II Kings 6:16 – we should also live with the perception of two realms. The unseen angel warriors are with us.

If you have similar stories, please send them to me. My wife is working on a book about the unseen realm and how human actions and circumstances are affected by God’s Angels.


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