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Today’s 5th Commandment
An Adult Commandment
The Foundation of Christian Families

What Honoring Parents Looks Like 
Positioning Yourself to Receive the Promise

Honoring Imperfect Parents
The Blessing of Imperfect Parents   

The Benefits of the Promise
Prospering in Every Season of Life

Boundaries and Troubled Families
Living in the Real World 


Practical Ways of Honoring Parents
Public Actions and Heart Attitudes

    Part I. Public acts of honor
    Part II. Honoring with your heart
The Blessing of Inheritance
Sacrificing for the next generation

A Final Word

Appendix 1
Extreme Cases of Parental Failure            
Abandonment and abuse

Appendix II
Memories of My Dad                    
On Father’s Day 2011

Appendix III
The Pain of Disappointment    

Defining Your Expectations

An Excerpt from The Hidden Promise

A Note to The Reader

This book is written mainly for adults in their twenties and thirties. I hope all ages will enjoy this book as it explores the Biblical ideas on how to honor parents, no matter how old you are. I am still learning how to love my mom at 62.  If you are searching for practical answers to difficult questions about your relationship with your parents, I hope this book will help. 

This book could have saved me decades of confusion and several wrong turns in my life. It is one of the books that I wish I had had to navigate the transition from childhood to manhood. If this book helps you avoid some of the regrets I have, then I will have accomplished my mission. 

Our culture actively rejects the concept of honoring parents. The Baby Boomer generation has practiced a mocking and dismissive attitude toward parents and grandparents as it foolishly elevated the importance of being young as an admirable quality. 


Since everyone’s parents are older, this “youth culture” rebellion against the wisdom of the aged has affected many people’s relationships with their mother and father.


Popular television shows from All in the Family in the 1970’s to today’s Modern Family have portrayed parents as ugly, stupid, hateful and clueless. Our culture teaches the act of dishonoring parents as the right thing to do. 


It teaches disconnection from parents as a rite of passage with no understanding of God’s plan or how the extended family really works. It stops with young adult autonomy and leaves out the important reconnection that happens as young adults become independent.  


This book addresses the Who, Why, When and How of honoring your parents. The simple promise that “it will go well with you,” is every loving parent’s dream for their children. 


We all wish our children more success than we have had. We all hope our children will receive this promise, but we are sometimes too timid about voicing our concerns with this important topic.


May our future generations be blessed with stable and strong extended Christian families comprising grandparents and great grandparents. May they work together to see communities full of Christians who break the futility of their family’s past generations.


I hope you receive the benefits of The Promise. It is not automatic. Don’t think that because you have a bad relationship with your parents that the promise is not for you. The promise is for adults with bad and good parents alike.


May life go well with you. 
May your days be many.


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