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Overcoming the Spirit of Complaint

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Overcoming the Spirit of Complaint

  • Give Thanks

Each day ask thank God for the path He has given you to walk.

Each hour thank God for the things in your life.

Have faith that God can work in all situations, even the negative ones.

Thank God that He can teach you even when others make mistakes.

  • Extend Mercy

Ask God for a revelation of Biblical justice. Jesus asked us to pray each day for His Kingdom to come on Earth as it is in Heaven. So, each day we pray for God’s justice to be on Earth. We work toward achieving justice for others. We ask for justice in all our affairs of life.

When we receive mercy, we get something better than you deserve – not justice but mercy. After discovering the truth of what has happened consider extending mercy to your offender. Jesus was clear that those who extend mercy will reap back mercy in their own lives.

When your complaint is valid you do not have to insist upon justice for yourself. The offending party was wrong. Justice and truth would require that they receive that get exactly what they deserve – no more and no less. But by God’s empowerment and the Holy Spirit’s fruit you can extend mercy and not ask for justice, for yourself.

  • Pray for Your Enemies

You are not being a hypocrite when you obey the scripture without emotion or inspiration.

Bless those who have treated you poorly.

Bless them by asking God to fulfill His plan in their lives.

Die to your sense of indignation and offense by simple daily prayers.

This is an act of spiritual maturity – supernatural love.


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