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3 Ways Christians Can Honor Their Parents

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Christians are promised a special blessing if they honor their parents.

But what does God mean when He asks everyone to Honor Their Parents?

Does this command include parents who have failed their children?

Does this Special Promise only go to adult children who Obey Their Parents?

Is God asking us to honor someone who is not honorable?

My book The Hidden Promise, Honoring Your Parents, answers all these questions.

The Promise is conditional because the action of honoring effects your marriage, your children and your emotional life. The action of working through the above questions and applying the Bible’s wisdom to YOUR relationship to YOUR parents opens your life to this special promise.

Every adult child’s relationship to their parent is unique. There are some adults who had great parents. There are some adults who were abandoned by their father or mother.

Every Christian adult also must address their own brokenness and how it effects their family relationships. It is easy to avoid the strained relationships of life - church members, siblings, unfaithful friends.

But there is one relationship that everyone has that is tied to this Special Promise. There is one relationship that in most cases has evolved into - Adult to Adult. Your parents probably made mistakes as this evolution took place. You also probably made mistakes.

Now is the time to claim your Special Gift from God. It will take courage and it may take wisdom. But don’t worry, God gives us courage and wisdom to accomplish His wishes. And honoring your parents is something that God knows will bring you a several blessing.

So, what are the 3 ways every Christian adult can honor their parents? No matter whether your parents are unsaved or living a life you do not approve of, there is still three ways that God would have you do, to start this Honoring Process.

1. Honor them by maintaining a connection with them.

2. Honor them by accepting the changed relationship.

3. Honor them by being kind to them.

My Book goes into detail about how and why we should start with the above three actions. To some readers, the above three actions is something that you are already doing.

But in today’s church, a large percentage of adults have not spoken to their parents for a long time. Many adults have cut their parents completely out of their lives. In every church that I visit there is a large percentage of good Christians who are NOT claiming this Special Blessing.

Their dishonoring of their parents will affect their own children’s attitudes toward them, later in life. Their inability to find the wisdom or the courage to address this moral issue in their lives has an effect upon their mental health as they grow older.

It is my prayer that Christians will address these problems and begin to receive and walk in this Special Blessing.

These Biblical Principles are expounded in my book. To see an expanded Table of Contents of The Hidden Promise, Honoring Your Parents;

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