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God's Help for Parents with Adult Children

Hope and Healing for Extended Family Relationships

As a Pastor of over 25 years, I thought once my children had grown-up my job of parenting would be mostly over. I would joke from the pulpit that my job as a parent was to, “work my way out of a job.”


As a young parent, I bought several parenting books. When my kids became teenagers, I bought other parenting teen books. These books helped me and there are many of them available.

Then my kids became adults!


And I struggled with my misconceptions and expectations. I had thought that if I was a Good Christian and tried to be a Good Parent, I would reap the rewards, as my kids became Good Adults.


Because of these misconceptions, I have a whole chapter, in this book, on Disappointment – Chapter 6 - The Pain of Disappointment.


I wrote this book for all of us parents that really, really tried and our kids are still having problems. There is Good News. God can help and God does help. This is my 2nd book. My 1st book is how adult children can and should honor their parents, The Hidden Promise.


My journey as a parent and a grandparent is not over and not everything is perfect in my family, but these concepts helped me become a better parent to my Adult Children.


The Bible Principles and Insights in this book helped me process what was happening in my heart and in our relationship, as my children became adults. God helped me see my new role and gave me hope that there was still parenting for me in this new season.


From Chapter 2 – Your Job is Not Done, to Chapter 5, Inspiring Your Kid’s Kids, I detail Bible insights that helped me and can help you, as you travel through this new season.


If you feel, that like me, you need a Good Parenting Book (but for adult children, this time) buy this book. Or if you know someone else, who is suffering with strained relationships with their adult children, buy this book for them.


Finally, consider buying this book for your pastor and asking him to teach about a few of the Chapter’s Insights. There may be many families, in your church silently struggling with these same circumstances.


My prayer is that God would help us become great parents to our adult children.

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