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The Divided Church

How Christians Will Get the World's Attention Again

Chapter 13 of my new book describes what a Bible Based, Jesus Centered, Church Community would look like. Please read this free copy and email me with your thoughts. The other chapters of the book can be reviewed on my Website -

It is my desire to see the believers of each region recognize and relate to one another as the Bible asks us to do in Matthew 5:23-24 and Ephesians 4:1-4. Our focus should not be on the group we are in or the Celebrity Leader we are following. Our focus should be on Jesus and His desire for His children to mature and love one another. 

We will still have groups and faithful servant leaders. But since we all are in the process of the Holy Spirit leading us into truth, we should not expect everyone to have the same interpretation or emphasis as we do. We are all in the process and no group or leader has finished the course, yet. My hope is that this Biblical Church Community begins to reflect the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Happy Family with Pets

May all of us who believe in Jesus as Lord & Savior be a loving family of God's Children

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