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Is America Prosperous Because of Democracy?

Democracy can only succeed when it is linked to 3 other practices in a Nation. The majority of voters must believe and promote these 3 ideas as they practice Democratic Government.

1. Restricted, limited government

2. Free markets based upon Judeo-Christian values

3. A populace that self-regulates within the same Judeo-Christian Values.

Democracy, when linked with the three practices above creates an atmosphere of liberty, fairness, and opportunity. Each man decides, if he will live his life with correct actions toward his fellow man. Then he is rewarded or penalized by his own choices.

BAD Democracy exists when there is an unlimited government that controls markets by totalitarian laws. Men become further and further removed from the consequences of their actions. The large government steps in to help the destitute and unfairly penalizes the hardworking. Instead of a safety-net for the truly needy, each election becomes a contest between men promising more and more Free Stuff.

Democracy is superior to all other forms of government, as men practice self-rule with the above three added characteristics. When this happens, God is given a place in the Nation. As God is honored, by the people of a nation in their politics the following happens.

1. Real evil is not rewarded or encouraged, even when it can’t be legislated out of existence.

2. Government leaders are not viewed as saviors but Servants.

3. Individuals control their behavior without government “Morality” laws. They honor God with their actions, not just their words.

4. Every man is free to succeed at the level he desires to succeed. This is the real definition of, “The pursuit of happiness.”

5. Totalitarian laws are not tolerated. High taxes, morality laws and the latest fad will be left to individuals to seek without government interference or government mandates.

6. Since politicians will no longer be viewed as superior, smarter or more deserving, the life-time politician will disappear. Men in positions of authority will be viewed as temporary servants not rulers.

7. Since men will NOT want regulations from a Higher Power (the government), elections will change focus from who can give me the most Free Stuff. This Just Society will be blessed by God. God hates injustice.

8. Charity and a safety-net for the truly needy will be personal, local and full of love and concern from men who voluntarily choose to help others. This is God’s way. He asks elders to serve freely, people to give cheerfully and all men to choose what is right without being forced or manipulated.

9. Men are not manipulated or forced into right behavior but choose right behavior from an internal morality that respects other’s liberty. Less regulations, less police and less government agencies are needed as men chose right over wrong. This is a safer society, since Law Enforcers can only be in one place at a time.

10. Regulations will not be imposed by a far-off, unelected bureaucrat, since the culture will develop proper Free Market rewards and punishments for offenders and cheats. Occasionally criminal laws based upon obvious neglect and irresponsible behavior will be implemented, on a local level.

Socialism, Communism, Dictatorships and other Totalitarian systems will always fail because they are based upon values that are the opposite values that honor God. They replace liberty for security, so God is no longer needed. They base their beliefs on envy of other people’s property and unjust compensation. The value of hard work is replaced with equal compensation for everyone whether they work hard or not.

The constitution of the United States is the real gift from God to our nation. Without one document protecting individual rights and regulating all rulers BAD Democracy quickly destroys the nation. This document is continually under attack. We are slowly over the last decades drifted from our values and the constitution.

Christians can change this direction of America. While seeing the sincerity of the Big Government Crowd, we can teach others that big government NEVER honors God since in every case Big Government is asked to be a substitute for God.

The anti-church, anti-Christian, anti-Israel position will then be exposed as another religion, full of hate for true Christians and hate for God’s simple rules of behavior. Don't lie. Don't steal. Don't cheat people. Treat other people the way you would want to be treated.

There is a battle for the souls of men in our nation and it rages each day in media, entertainment and government. Christian leaders SHOULD NOT remain silent. Big Government should be denounced as totalitarian, since it takes freedom from the individual, by definition. Leftism should be exposed as a deceptive religion whose goal is to gain more and more power.

It is time for all Christians to recognize, God has made America prosperous because of Constitutional Democracy, Limited Government, Free Markets and men practicing the values of the Bible. All four of these are needed for a nation to prosper for many centuries.


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