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The Hidden Promise, Honoring Your Parents

Notes from the author

Many Adult Children are alienated from their parents. Sometimes with good reason. Sometimes because the relationships are neglected. This book points to ways that Adult Children can have better relationships with their parents.

I wrote this book as I discussed with my granddaughter when, why and how God wanted her to honor her father. He as not there for her, and she was exploring this "honoring thing," as a teenager.


If you know someone who has not spoken to their parents for a long time, please, please send this book to them.


If YOU have not talked with your parents for a long time, please, please consider buying this book and exploring how easy it is to honor your parents as a Christian. God will help you.


You do not have to obey your parents.

You do not have to conform to parental wishes.

There are 3 ways that every Christian can honor their parents. No matter how broken, confused or strained your relationship is you can do these 3 things.


Avoid the pain and the regret that so many now feel, after years of neglecting their relationship with their parents. Find the great blessings that God has promised to each of His children when we obey the 5th Commandment.


It is the first Commandment with a promise.

Author Gregory B Grinstead

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