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This political thriller explores how the citizens of the old United States can reestablish the individual freedoms that the Founders tried to guarantee every citizen at the beginning of our nation.

This fictional story is set in a future Divided States of America. The Federal government has lost its authority and four Administrative States now administrate without the long forgotten Bill of Rights.


The East Coast – the 1st Quarter has voted for leaders who Socialize the 1st Quarter.


The West Coast – the 4th Quarter descends into anarchy while trying to keep up with the 1st Quarter’s increasing financial controls.

It is up to the 2nd and 3rd Quarters in the middle of the country to push back on the Purity Purges and the Morality Warriors who are increasing in strength.

This book is fiction but explores who the Believers practices of the principles of the “Book” help fight for liberty and the rights of each individual to live their lives free from government intrusion.

An Excerpt from Escaping The Chaos

Part of Chapter 4

... The New Morality classes started with Sexual Tolerance and Male Sensitivity Training. James had breezed through these classes since he had been trained since High School that men should never exhibit The Caveman Emotions. Most important, he had been taught the 2 Commands of Love.



Loving People means promoting

Sexual Freedom and Tolerance

toward all Sexual Behaviors.



Loving People means promoting

Financial Justice and Equality

for all men in every circumstance.


These 2 Commands of Love were the foundation of the New Morality. James had to convince the teachers of this mandated class that he could do more than just repeat the 2 Commands of Love. He had to apply them to real-life problems and specific situations.


Janet was allowed to accompany James to the classes since he had been in the Special Classes. She would help him pass these final exams by being there as moral support. Tom had also asked Janet to guard James’s responses if the Believers doctrines were in any of the exam questions.


As they drove into the large, lighted parking lot they saw the New Morality steeple on the bright new building’s peak. The four-story building was set apart from other buildings of New POP1 by how many high-powered lights lighted the crystal and glass structure.


Two young friendly greeters welcomed Janet and James and directed them to their government-mandated class. They both gave their credit accounts to the person behind the counter at the back of the class. The 1st Quarter Administration kept no records of marriage, so Janet had to pay separately from her husband....

...  Behind the teacher, at the front of the class were the 2 Commands of Love and then a list of the 6 Principles of Behavior. The 1st Quarter Administration had been using these 6 Principles of Behavior to mandate new rules for all citizens.




1. I will speak and act in accordance with the 2 Commands of Love.


2. I will report all my financial transactions to DRAG Systems.


3. I am not free to speak if my words offend a fellow citizen.


4. I will be sensitive to minor requests of fellow citizens and act accordingly.


5. I will use whatever means necessary to stop those around me from breaking the 2 Commands of Love.


6. My Independent Freedom should never supersede Community Freedom.


Janet was relieved as they drove home. James had passed with only a few errors of judgment. He had missed Question 6...

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